WINGS   14     HABS   5


Several Michigan Sting records were set this game!

Most goals combined in a Championship game.

Largest goal differential in a Championship game.

Most points by a player in any game.

Most goals by a player in any game.

Whatever strategy the Habs had devised to stop Zach – it failed miserably!  MVP Zach Wagner with an 11 point game!  7 goals and 4 assists!  Nice job Zach!  Zach had the natural hat trick in the games first nine minutes!  He was picking corners laser like!  Believe it or not, the game was close mid-way, but then things got out of hand very quickly.  Line-mate Steve Bayagich with a normal hat trick – 3 goals.  Rob Montgomery with the deuce.  Singles for Dave Rupprecht and Anthony Amato.  Scott Chodun and Terry Boyette both with a four assist game.  Rob Rowling goes twine twice for the Frenchmen.  Singles for Charlie Eslinger, Steve Lemieux and Eddie Sudzina.  Center Marty Papesh with the hat trick assist.  A good time was had by all postgame at Joe Kools!        



Who won the Conn Smythe Trophy(Playoff MVP) for the 1996/97 Stanley Cup Champions Detroit Red Wings?

Goalie Mike Vernon