HABS   4    FLYERS   3


Habs Captain and game MVP Kenny “Prime Time” Wilkins scores his second goal of the game in an overtime shootout, to end this epic finish too the season!

Kudos to both goalies – winning goalie Sir Kevin Beebe and Mike Mostyn!  I’m sure Kevin lit up a special stogie after this W, while simultaneously drinking out of the Sam Cupp!  The Flyers start the game with a two zip lead on first period goals from Al Platt and his first of his two tallies today – Mike Ala.  Then a minute later is when the momentum changed!  Down by two goals and things looking pretty bleak for the Habs, tough guy Chris Zanke picks up a body checking minor penalty.  Not exactly what they needed!  But it was!  The Frenchmen score shorthanded twice on Zanke’s penalty, on goals from Wilkins and Jeff “Dick” Tracy’s first of two goals!  Wilkins skates by the box and tells Zanke: “Don’t come out – stay in there!”  The transplated Flyers were so close in taking home the Sam Cupp after their flight from Texas, when they were then called the Stars.   It was a very entertaining pressure packed Championship game and once again Kenny Wilkins gets his named etched into the Sam Cupp!


Currently there are three French speaking head coaches in the NHL.

Who are they?







Claude Julien – Montreal

Alain Vigneault – Rangers

Guy Boucher – Senators