WINGS    4    SHARKS   3

This Sam Cupp Championship game did not disappoint!  Paulie “Jay – Nothing But a House Party” Giles strums in the game winning goal for the victorious Wings!  Game MVP Brian Belloli with a two goal game for the Wings.  John “Hal” McRae also with a Wings marker.  Stepping up big time – Big Ben Haynes with all three Sharks goals.  Winning goalie Bobby Rutkoske and Sharks puck stopper Mike Schlimgen both with excellent games in nets!  Sharks tough guy Chris Zanke racks up a solo roughing minor penalty.  Following the contest,  game winning goal scorer Paulie Giles was explaining to FSD’S Trevor Thompson, how the Wings game plan of stopping slick Sharks center Gary Syzlanski worked to perfection!  All had a great time at B-DUBS post game!


Who was the first NCAA college player to selected first overall in the draft?
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 Joe Murphy – 1986 – Detroit Red Wings.