HABS    3     BRUINS   3

2-2 entering the final stanza.  Then Steve “Mario” Lemieux scores his second goal of the game to put the Habs up 3-2.  Just under two minutes later, Rick Batchelder reciprocates for the Bruins as the game ends in a tie.  Bruce “Cooler Man” Gooel with a goal and two helpers for the Habs.  Joe Plati and sub “Mark” Maguire light the lamp for the Bruins.

FLYERS    3     HAWKS   2

Flyers forward Keith Foucher goes top shelf for the game winner.  Billy Hagen with the first two Flyers goals.  Sub goaler Stopper with several outstanding glove saves.  Pete Gibb and Gary Enmark do the honors for the Hawks.

SHARKS   12     FLYERS   1

Ouch!  Talk about padding your stats!  Sharks – Jim Chapie(3), Ronnie Meltsner(3), James George (2), Steve Dietrich(2), Chris Zanke(1) and Gary Szylanski(1 & 3 Helpers).  Keith Foucher with the lone Flyers goal in this penalty free game.

WINGS   4    HABS   3

The Wings take advantage of the undisciplined Frenchmen(5 Penalties) as Mark Smyth scores the game winning power play goal with just under a minute left in the game.  That was Mark’s second tally of the game.  Marty Sell and resurrecting from parts unknown, sub Paulie “Jay” Giles also score for the Wings.  Steve Orr, John Perini and Steve Lemieux were the Habs marksman.  Habs goalie Sir Kevin Beebe was extremely unhappy about the game winning goal and incurs an unsportsmanlike minor penalty.

SHARKS   1     BRUINS   1

Goalers Bobby Rutkoske and Sharks sub Lipschultz put on a show for the one person in attendance!  Scott Shurin of the Sharks opens the games scoring.  Robbie Porter ties it up with six minutes remaining in the game.

HAWKS   2    WINGS   2

Wings enter the final period up 2-0 on goals by General Robert E. Lee and Mary Sell.  Eddie “The Eagle” Higgins scores early in the final period and Pat Collins scores late to secure the tie for the Hawks.  Both goalies – Mike Allemon and Hawks sub Rick “Ticker” Chauvin with solid games between the pipes in this penalty free game.



Who was the Boston Bruins goalie when Bobby Orr scored his flying game winning goal against the St. Louis Blues in the Stanley Cup Finals?

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Gerry Cheevers