BRUINS   1     WINGS   1

Peter Gibb of the Wings and Adam Godard of the Bruins were the games only goal scorers as net-minders Brian Miller and Bobby Rutkoske steal the show in this contest!  Paulie “Jay” Giles with a pair of trips to the sin bin.

SHARKS   4     HABS   1

Da Sharks dominate this game, only allowing a last minute Mike Lawson Habs goal to wreck Shark’s goalie Mike Schlimgen’s shutout.  Barry Piornack scores twice for the Fish.  Singles for Ben Haynes and ex-mail carrier Gary Szylanski.

FLYERS   3    HAWKS   0

Mike Mostyn post’s the shutout for the Flyers.  Bruce “Cooler Man” Gooel with the games initial and final goals.  Keith Foucher goes top shelf.  No Hawks highlights in this penalty free game.

HABS   4    FLYERS   2

Habs jump out to a 3-0 first period lead and hold on for the W.  John Perini, Ronnie Meltsner, Mike Lawson and Jimmy “Boog” Powell do the honors for the Frenchmen.  Bruce Gooel and Billy Hagen tally for the Flyers.

WINGS   3    SHARKS   1

The Wings remain undefeated in their past three doubleheaders.  Brian Belloli, Gary Enmark and sub Steve “Mario” Lemieux score for the Wings.  Sitting in his office on the side of the net – David Walters with the lone Sharks marker.

BRUINS   3     HAWKS   0

Oh boy!  This could be a long summer for this latest rendition of the Hawks!  Getting blanked in both games today and winless in their last six games – management needs to somehow jump start this squad!  Adam Godard with the deuce for the Bruins.  Bruins sub Paulie “Knuckles” Polizzi with their final goal.  Again – no Hawks highlights.


When the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in 1997/98 who was the first player Stevie Y passed the Cup to?
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Slava Fetisov