WINGS   4    HAWKS   1

The Wings and sub goalie Billy Papciak declaw the Hawks.  Marcin Niecalek dents the twine twice.  Singles for Doug Beck and Mike Lawson.  Sammy “The Bull” Bonanno with the Hawks marker.

BRUINS   2     HABS   2

The Bruins take an early 2-0 lead on goals by Steve Lemieux and Chuck Mouraine, only to see the Habs claw back for the well deserved tie.  Bruins slayer John Dooley with both French goals.  John has three goals on the year and all are against the Bruins!  Both puck stoppers – sub “Ticker” Chauvin of the Habs and Mike Schlimgen of the Bruins stand on their proverbial heads!

FLYERS   3    SHARKS   2

The Flyers win a nail biter as Captain Ryan O’Rourke scores the game winning goal!  And he also back-checked!  Pat Berry and Jimmy George with singles.  Goaler Bobby Rutkoske was his usual outstanding self in nets!  Steve Dietrich and sub Steve Orr(SH) score for the Fish.

BRUINS   7      SHARKS   2

Besieged Sharks goalie Brian Miller asks postgame:”What the hell was that?  Hurricane Ian?”  Nope.  Just the Bruins winning convincingly in another game two win!  The three top point getters in the league – line-mates Mr. Steve Lemieux(4 & 1), Chuck Mouraine(2 & 2) and Joe Plati(5 Helpers) total 14 points in this dominating victory!  Jeff “Dick” Tracy also scores.  Sub Steve Orr and on a beautiful short side top shelf shot – Rob Lee tally for the Sharks who drop a deuce today.

FLYERS   4    WINGS   2

The subbed up Flyers take two today!  Jimmy George with the deuce.  Singles for Ryan O’Rourke and sub Mike Garlick.  Bobby Rutkoske was strong between the pipes.  Marcin Niecalek and Mike Lawson with the Wings markers.

HABS   2    HAWKS   1

The Habs receive another strong game from sub goalie “Ticker” Chauvin, as they take 3 out 4 points today!  Habs sub Ken Debus buries the game winning goal with seven minutes left in the contest.  Forward Rick Batchleder with a power play goal.  Chuck Bowers with the lone Hawks marker.  Returning from the DL, Hawks goalie Timmy Gazley with an outstanding effort in nets!



Who is the first Michigan native to score a hat trick as a Red Wing?
Jimmy Carson