SHARKS   3    BRUINS   2  – OT

The Sharks prevail in overtime, in this simulated Sam Cupp Championship game!

Ronnie Meltnser of the Sharks scores the game winning shorthanded overtime goal, as he blocks a shot at his blueline and races down the ice for the breakaway short side goal!  In the penalty box for cross checking – teammate Chris Zanke was the first to congratulate Ronnie!  Both goalies – winning goalie and game MVP Kenny Lipschutz and Bobby Rutkoske were outstanding in nets!  Captain Steve Dietrich and Pershing Doughboy Glenn Pareskevin with the Sharks first two goals.  Adam Godard and Chuck Mouraine were the marksman for the Bruins.  Following the game, spectator and goalie for hire – Rick “Ticker” Chauvin brings the duct tape and tape measure for the postgame back parking lot celebration!

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Who has won the most Stanley Cups as a player?
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Henri “Pocket Rocket” Richard – 11 Cups with the Montreal Canadians.