BRUINS   5     WINGS   1

The Bruins score all their five goals in a ten minute cross period span to upend the Wings.  Bo Altherr, JP, Mark Munsterman, Joe Plati and Adam Godard were their marksman.  Rick Batchelder with the hat trick assist.  Goaler Bobby Rutkoske was stellar in nets.  Robert E. Lee with the one Wings goal in this penalty free game.

HABS   3    HAWKS   1

Bruce “Cooler Man” Gooel scores both of his goals 17 seconds apart on the same shift to lead the Habs to the W!  Sub Raber with the Habs insurance goal.  Sir Kevin Beebe was his normal excellent playoff self!  Mike Charison was the only Hawk to solve Sir Kevin.

BRUINS   2    FLYERS   2

The Flyers were looking their third consecutive playoff loss dead in the eye, until Keith Foucher goes top shelf with the goalie pulled and just a minute left on the arena clock!  Billy Hagen with the Flyers first marker.  Joe Plati and Al Sparks tally for the Burins.  Both puck stoppers – Bobby Rutkoske of the Bruins and Mike Schlimgen of the Flyers with outstanding games in net!  Special kudos goes out to Bobby Rutkoske, who mad two sliding, pads stacked saves!  The Bruins were outshot 2-1 by the Flyers.  This game would defintely have had a different outcome, if not for Mr. Rutkoske!

SHARKS   3    HAWKS   2

Doug Wargo snaps a 2-2 tie for the winning Sharks goal!  Jim Chapie and Gary Szylanski with the Sharks first two markers.  Pat Collins and Pete Gibb score for the Hawks who drop a deuce today.  Gary Enmark of the Hawks voiced his displeasure a little too much, of a “Too Many Men On the Ice” penalty and picks up an unsportsmanlike minor penalty to put his team down by two players.  The Hawks were able to kill the 5 on 3.

FLYERS   5   HABS   1

The Flyers get back on the winning track with a decisive victory against the Frenchmen.  Deuces wild for Ryan O’Rourke and Billy Hagen.  Bob Halbhuber also scored for the Flyers.  Once again, Flyers goalie Mike Schlimgen with a strong game in nets.  Bruce Gooel with the Habs marker.  Billy Hagen(Body Check) and Brian Cook(High Stick) hit the box in tandem late in the game.

WINGS   7     SHARKS   3

The Wing spear the Sharks with their sub laden team(5 Subs).  Robert E. Lee with the hat trick.  Singles for Brian Belloli, Gerry Krause, Marty Sell and sub “Mickey” Brantley.  The Sharks receive goals from James George(2) and Jim Chapie.


Which NHL team was Mike Modano’s first?

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Mike was the number one draft pick of the Minnesota North Stars.