WINGS   8   BRUINS   3

Robert E. Lee with the trick and Brian Belloli and Marty Sell with the deuce lead the Wings roughshod over the Bruins.  Mark Smyth with the game winning goal. Joe Plati scores twice for the Bruins.  Captain Adam Godard with the Bruins middle marker.  Joe Plati and Wings goalie Mike Allemon both receive roughing minor penalties.

HAWKS   3    HABS   1

Down 1-0 entering the final stanza, the Hawks score three times for the W.  Eddie Higgins, Jerry Frankel and sub “Freddy” Lynn(EN) tally for the Hawks.  Mike Mostyn was outstanding between the pipes.  French Canadian Steve Lemieux with the Habs goal.  The Hawks kill off three final period penalties, including a solo roughing penalty to Mike Charison.

HAWKS   3    SHARKS   0

The Hawks sweep for the day behind the shutout efforts of puck stopper Mike Mostyn.  Jerry Frankel with two Hawks goals.  Peter Gibb with the Hawks initial and game winning goal in this penalty free game.  No red flags were in the water today as the beach was Shark free!

BRUINS   3     FLYERS   1

Bobby Rutkoske and the Bruins right the ship this game and shut down the powerful Flyers.  Robbie Porter and subs Paulie Polizzi and Bob “Bugsy” Watson score for the Bruins.  Ryan O’Rourke with the lone Flyers goal.  The Flyers Chuck Moraine takes exception to a Rick Batchelder hold and chops him back, as both players serve their penance in the box.

HABS   3    FLYERS   1

The Habs and goalie Sir Kevin Beebe play an outstanding structured game and send the Flyers to a double dip defeat today!  Long time Habs Captain Kenny “Prime Time” Wilkins with the deuce.  Jimmy “Boog” Powell with the game winner.  As in game one – Ryan O’Rourke with the Flyers lone goal.

WINGS   7     SHARKS   3

Have a day – General Robert E. Lee!  The General factors in all of his teams goals with a 4 & 3 game to go along with his hat trick in game one!  I think he likes the break in-between games!  Mark Smyth with a two goal game.  Brian Belloli with a single.  Gary Szylanski scores twice for the Fish.  Ronnie Meltsner scores once.  Possibly frustrated by their eight game winless streak, the bottom dweller Sharks rack up seven penalties in the game, culminated by Mike Phipps minor unsportsmanlike penalty.


Who did the Detroit Red Wings trade to the San Jose Sharks to acquire Igor Larionov?
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High scoring winger Ray Shepard.