SHARKS    3     HABS   1

Al Pyc’s second goal of the game was the game winning marker of the power play variety.  Sub John Higgins with the insurance goal.  Sharks puck stopper Mike Schlimgen with a solid game in nets.  Mike Ala with the lone Habs goal.

HAWKS    4    FLYERS   0

Complete domination in this contest as the Hawks and shutout goalie Brian Miller prevail over the Flyers.  Rob “Hurricane” Halbulber, Pat Collins, Mark Smyth and Brian Belloli tally for the Hawks.  No Flyers highlights.

WINGS    4   BRUINS   0

The Wings unceremoniously snap the Bruins two game win streak!  “Sugar” John Marcin with the well earned whitewash.  Steve Orr, Chris Zanke, Bob Lee and with the power play game winning goal – Steve Orr tally for the Wings.  No Bruins highlights.

FLYERS   7     HABS   3

Oh boy!  After getting blanked in game one the Flyers roar back with six first period goals and defeat the Habs.  Jimmy George with the hat trick.  Chuck Mouraine with the deuce. Singles for Keith Foucher and sub Teddy Evans.  Mike Ala, Curt Bailey and Kenny Wilkins score for the Frenchmen who drop a deuce today.

SHARKS   4     WINGS   2

The Fish win their first two games of the year!  All the games scoring was accomplished in the final stanza.  Sharks sub Dougie Roehl starts the scoring 22 ticks into the final period.  Al Pyc, “The Masked Man” Joe Plati and sub John Higgins round out the Sharks scoring.  Marty Sell and Barry Piornack tally for the Wings.

HAWKS   5     BRUINS   3

The top spot Hawks win their sixth game in a row behind the balanced scoring of Brian Belloli, Pat Collins, Al Sparks, Mark Smyth and Rob Halbulber.  Steve Lemieux, Ken Debus and sub Mat Lawson tally for the men in yellow, who descend to the basement with today’s double dip defeat.



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