BRUINS   3    FLYERS   2

After a very strong 10-0 season start – the Flyers finally suffer a defeat!  JP goes top shelf with three minutes left in the game to snap the tie!  Robbie Porter and Adam Godard also with Bruins markers.  Goaler Bobby Rutkoske was outstanding between the pipes!  Billy Hagen and Bobby Halbhuber with the Flyers goals.

WINGS   6    HABS   4

Mr. Robert E. Lee with a four goal game for the Wings!  Mark Smyth with the deuce.  Steve Orr, Jimmy “Boog” Powell, Bruce Gooel and Curt Bailey dent the twine for the Habs in this penalty free game.

HAWKS   8    SHARKS   4

Deuces wild for Peter Gibb and Hawks sub “Jacques” Lemire.  Singles for Eddie Higgins, Gary Enmark, Al Pyc and sub Lawson. Ronnie Meltsner scores twice for the Sharks.  Singles for Chris Zanke and Gary Szylanski.  The Hawks Jerry Frankel incurs an unsportsmanlike minor penalty.

WINGS   3    BRUINS   0

The Wings sweep for the day behind the yeoman efforts of shutout goalie Mike Allemon.  Mark Smyth, Brian Belloli and Dr. and author Keri Topouzian score for the Wings.  No Bruins highlights in this penalty free game.

FLYERS   5    HAWKS   3

Both teams split on the day.  A fine broth of a lad – Ryan O’Rourke scores twice for the Flyers.  Singles for Billy Hagen, Ben Haynes and an empty netter by Chuck Mouraine.  Hawks – Gary Enmark(2) and sub Lawson.

HABS   9    SHARKS   1

Ouch!  The bottom feeder Fish let in 17 goals today!  The Habs line of Steve “Mario” Lemieux(4 & 2), Bruce “Cooler Man” Gooel(2 & 2) and Curt Bailey(1 & 3) accumulate 14 points in the game!  The Sharks did not have an answer for this threesome!  Terry Masserant and David Walters also score for the Habs.  James George with the lone Shark goal.


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